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Hotel Heini: Your breakfast hotel in Sand in Taufers

Vacation in the Ahrntal Valley tastes so good!

The morning hour brings all kinds of delicacies to you at Hotel Heini. Here in Sand in Taufers we welcome every new day with hand-selected foods from the region, bread fresh from the oven, sweet temptations and hearty pick-me-ups. As a proud member of the Taufrisch initiative, we pamper you with freshly harvested ingredients straight from the field. After an active day in the mountains of the Ahrntal, the innkeepers of the region look forward to your visit. In the immediate vicinity you will find - typical of South Tyrol - a selection of different cuisine styles and culinary philosophies. We will be very happy to help you find the perfect restaurant in Sand in Taufers, in Bruneck or in Ahrntal. May we reserve a table for you right away?

Breakfast: Rise and enjoy!

Take a seat and take your time: from 07.30 to 10.30 we will spoil you with our delightful breakfast: The freshly baked bread comes from the local bakery, dairy products, eggs and savories from the Ahrntal farmers, vegetables, fruit and berries from the Taufrischfeld. At our breakfast buffet you will find everything your heart desires, from continental breakfast classics to food trends like low carb, high protein and keto. There's no shortage of vegan breakfast options either, and of course we offer lactose- and gluten-free options as well.
Will you stay in the holiday apartments Mühlegg or the Mountain house Ebner? Of course, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet  at Hotel Heini and just like a hotel guest.

from farm to table in under 0 kilometers

When you know where it comes from, it tastes three times as good. We're proud to be part of the Taufrisch community. This association of hotels and restaurants in Sand in Taufers has made it its mission to cultivate a field together. Dozens of varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs grow on the "Tauferer Boden" and find their way directly onto your plate during the warm months of the year.

Here’s to the farmers!
We purchase a large part of our products from farmers and producers in the valley and its surroundings: something you can taste with every bite.
Eating out

in Sand in Taufers and the surrounding area

What are you in the mood for today? We will be happy to advise you in choosing the perfect restaurant for your lunch or dinner. Directly in Sand in Taufers you will find several pizzerias, some good home-style inns and several bakeries and snack bars. The city of Bruneck, which is only a 15-minute drive away, attracts with a culinary range from down-to-earth to gourmet cuisine and in the Ahrntal, which begins just behind the castle of Taufers, there are also a variety of huts, restaurants, inns and pubs. We will be happy to advise you and, if you wish, we can also reserve a table for you.
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