Wellness holidays for body and spirit in the Ahrntal valley. Scientists tend to praise the air of the Ahrntal valley all the way to the skies: The valley is characterised by pure mountain air – very little ozone, with pollution far below the legal maximum, and very low pollen concentration. But how come? For a start, because there is no through traffic and no industrial pollution. And the valley is of course surrounded by mountains – more than 80 of which are higher than 3000 m.
But in this remarkable valley, fresh and wholesome air can also be found deep down at the heart of the mountains: The air in the former copper mine in Prettau/Predoi is so pure that even those suffering from asthma and allergies can breathe freely. And children too benefit from this positive climate, as a series of new studies have proven.

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Weekly programme Aria Pura
June 2024

The offer includes:
  • FREE cablecars
  • Easy, guided hike. Collecting herbs for bronchial ointment with a lot of inside tips from an expert
  • Breathe pure air inside the mountain, visit the Climate Gallery of Prettau/Predoi
  • Breathe in the scent of the forest and enjoy the wild water of waterfalls along a guided hike
  • Explore the beauty of the biotope Wieser Werfer, guided hike, barefoot walking and breathing excersises in a wonderful location
  • Mountain Paradise Yoga, yoga sessions with brunch

All programmes can be booked separatly.
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